How to use hair clips with Asian hairstyles

Sometimes, a simple little thing like a hair clip could give you a whole new look. In this post, I’ll show you how to use hair clips so that the next time you get tired of your old hair style, instead a new haircut, try out a hair clip to see what it can do for you.



In this post, I’ll use a few different kinds of clips to showcase what hair clips can do. The same tips and techniques work for any color and style of hair clip you may want to use. The ribbon bow clip shown above is a clip that gives you a cute and innocent look.

asian hair clip

With the addition of a bow clip, even the simple ponytail now looks sweet and stylish.


Feel like pigtails are childish and old fashioned? Try clipping your bangs up with a hair clip for a cute look.


If you thought a bow with pigtails is cute, a bow clip paired with a loose bun looks cute and refreshing.

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