USB toothbrush cleaner… one day you’ll wish you had one

USB toothbrush cleaner, comes in many colorful styles!
USB toothbrush cleaner, comes in many colorful styles!

Ever wish you had a something to kill off the bacteria on your toothbrush?  Not really?  Well you should because you put that thing in your mouth everyday.

Still not convinced?  Well I’ll give you this scenario, brought to you by the Chinese makers of the USB toothbrush cleaner (with my own personal embellishments):

You are on a trip, it’s late, and your flight’s been delayed again.  Looks like you’re going to have to stay the night in this place.  The airline puts you in a cheap crappy motel. It happens to be the holiday season, and the only motel available is only the crappiest of places that you would never stay at.  You bare with it.  It’s tiny, it looks filthy, but the bed looks much more comfortable than the seats at the airport.

You put on your comfy PJs, take out your toothbrush and toothpaste.  After this long day, all you want to do is sleep, but after the long plane ride your mouth feels like something had crawled in and died there.  You stumble into the bathroom, and notice that the person who used it before you didn’t bother to flush.  You do it for them, glad that the toilet still worked.

You realize that your toothpaste is still in your suitcase, crap. You balance your toothbrush on the sink, turn to go… and the toothbrush falls.  It bounces off the toilet seat, and hits the floor brush first by the toilet.  囧 (It could have been worse).

Well, USB toothbrush cleaner to the rescue!

Fast and convenient, this USB device use ultraviolet ray to kill off all kinds of common bacteria you may find on your toothbrush (before or after accidental droppings).

All you have to do is connect the device to a USB port, then put your toothbrush in the device.  And voila! No more bacteria on your toothbrush (minus the ones that UV can’t kill).

The makers of the device also suggest that instead of the floor, your toothbrush may fall into the tub.  This makes sense especially for people who do their teeth brushing in the shower or bath.

Awesome device? I think so.  Or at least it’s certainly way more useful than many other USB devices.

Check out their serious website with serious research.