Steamed pork buns xiao long bao (小笼包)

Shanghai pork buns
Shanghai pork buns

In celebration of Canada Day I made pork buns. Well, really because our fridge broke and I needed to cook everything that was melting in the freezer.

Pork buns or xiao long bao (小笼包)has always been one of my favorite foods of all time.  The really good ones in Shanghai is famous for the soup each bun contains inside.  One bite and all the soup rushes out of the bun into your mouth.  You really have to suck it up or just put the whole bun in your mouth.

You can easily make your own buns at home, or easier yet, buy them frozen from the store.  Just steam them for a few minutes and you have a super delicious meal or snack.

In line with my Shanghai roots, I always eat them with vinegar.  You can also use soy sauce, add spiciness to it, etc.  But I believe that xiao long bao isn’t xiao long bao unless you soak it in Shanghaiese vinegar.  (or balsamic since it’s even sweeter).