Old lady abducts boy at supermarket: looks too much like her grandson

A case of mistaken identity? An old lady’s attempt to abduct a boy led to panic at the supermarket.

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Two days ago, news of this child abduction went viral on Wechat in China as residents of a town in Hunan panicked from watching the scene at a popular supermarket.

From the surveillance footage, a young boy and his father was hanging out at the supermarket when suddenly an old lady came up and grabbed the child. The boy immediately started to cry and the dad jumped into action, trying to wrestle the boy from the old lady. But the old lady was very stubborn, even when she falls to the ground, she still won’t let go of the boy. The boy’s father then hits the old lady’s hands repeatedly and finally got his boy back, with his pants pulled down and all that.

The shocked by standers surrounded the old lady and called the police. They also flooded social media with pictures and footage of the event. By that point the old lady had realized that she had made a mistake.

Local police investigation later showed that the 63 year old lady mistook the boy for her grandson. That day the old lady had brought her 2 year old grandson to play at the supermarket. While her grandson read from the books section, she sat down on a bench to rest. After 10 min, she saw the boy with the similar outfit and build walk by, and called his name. But he did’n’t answer so she went up and grabbed him.  The result was the huge mess that ended up on social media.

Were you shocked by the video, just like the bystanders? Do you think that the old lady is brave for fighting for her grandson, even though she was mistaken? Do you feel bad for her or do you feel worse about what the father and son had to experience? Leave your comments below, and subscribe for more interesting news from thechinaimage.com.