Incredibly adorable sheep and pasture in a bottle

You’ve heard of ship in a bottle.  Well, sheep in a bottle is much much cuter… (pardon the pun…)

cute Sheep in a bottle
Incredibly cute sheep in a bottle.

I love the rolling hills, the white fluffy clouds in the sky, and the cute fluffy sheep wandering bravely in it’s eternal stroll.  I even love the little acorn stopper, which gives it an extra natural feel (although I don’t think sheep eats acorns, but if they did, it would be even more awesome).

What’s more, you can harness the power of the universe to direct sunlight so that it streams through those clouds to warm the sheep on a cool autumn day.  All you need is a desk lamp.

Sun light, clouds, and sheep (in a bottle)
Sun light, clouds, and sheep (in a bottle)

Strangely, there are many other sheep in many different bottles out there.  Some are folded from paper and plastic, some comes printed on a t-shirt, some are engraved in copper, there’s even a few used as a wine bottle stopper.

With so many sheep being herded in bottles, all these ship sheep in a bottle jokes are getting a little old.  Someone should put some other things in a bottle in a equally adorable way.  Oh wait, someone did. 

source: 可爱的装置小羊瓶子