Hottest Female Asian Hair Style 2018

Asian Hair Style 2018What are the trending Asian hair styles of 2018? According to data from top Asian salons and websites, we put together 18 most popular Asian hair styles and hair colors of 2018. Take a look!

2018 most popular Asian hair style: short hair

The hottest Asian hair style in 2017 was short hair, and the trend continues in 2018. After all, short hair styles are addictive!

Egg roll short hair


This Korean style egg roll curls short hair styles makes you look fresh and sweet. Combined with sweeping bangs,  it showcases your features and accentuates your eyes. Add on brown hair dye, it’s especially fashionable.

Straight bangs with short hair

This short Korean hair style is great for the summer. The neat bangs creates a sweet look. Combine that with lose curls at the end of your hair and suddenly you become that fun and clever girl that all the guys are looking at.


Short hair lob

The best thing about these lob hair styles is that it continues to look great even in the awkward stage between haircuts. With a part down the middle, it allows your features to shine though. It looks nice even with your natural hair color.

Ear length pixie cut


This short haircut is most popular in the summer. Fresh and cool, it gives off a playful air. It’s super cute when combined with lose bangs.

Light brown Korean short hair


Matching the popular Korean short hair style with a light brown hair color makes you look fresh and stylish.

2018 most popular Asian hair style: shoulder length hair

Pear shaped perm


Those aiming for a sweet and beautiful look will love this short hair style. The pear shaped curls at then end creates a feeling of motion. Even just a little curling adds a playfulness that dramatically makes you look more youthful.

Side parted shoulder length hair


This hair style is great for those with large foreheads and square faces. With hair framing your face, it softens your features, and looks lovely.


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