Picking the best hairstyle with bangs (newest Asian designs 2012)

Bangs, or fringes, can affect your entire hairstyle and can in fact change the whole shape of your face.  Choosing the right style of bangs could frame your face to accentuate your best features (especially if you have a square face), and it works great with dyed hair.  In this post, I’ll share with you some of the newest Asian designs to help you choose the best style for you.

The curved swept bangs:

asian bangs hairstyle dye
curved swept bangs

Doesn’t this style add a real sense texture to the hair?  The curved design along with the thick fullness of slightly slanted bangs swept to the side is quite distinctive, and really sets off the attractive features of the eyes and face.

Bangs + Perm:
asian hair bangs hairstyle dye perm
bangs + perm

If you feel like uneven bangs are too boring, and bangs swept to the side are too annoying to set in the perfect shape everyday, then bangs with permed hair would be a good choice for you.  Bangs permed with an arch to it is very unique (and is what the fancy Japanese hair designer did for me before my wedding reception in Shanghai).

Side swept bangs:
Asian hair style bangs side swept
side swept bangs

Side swept bangs have a very elegant and lady-like look to it.  The hair from your bangs runs into the side of your face and integrates with the rest of your hair.  Couple it with an up-do to further accentuate the gentle nature of this style.  (fyi: I went with this style when I got married in the States.  It would go great with a wedding dress).

Thick bangs:
asian hair style thick bangs dye
thick bangs

Thick bangs are also a trendy hair design in 2012.   Thicker bangs provide more volume and shape, allows for more design options and matches well with the shape of your face and hairstyle.

 Even bangs:
asian hair bangs hairstyle dye even
even bangs

Even bangs matches well with all hairstyles and face types.  It has an age reduction effect, and can really build up the beauty of your facial features.

Straight bangs swept to the side:
asian hair style dye straight bangs swept to the side
straight bangs swept to the side

The straight side swept bangs work very well with what’s called “pear flower” hair style (梨花头; where you perm the ends of your hair to give the bottom more volume than the top of your hair).  These bangs can set off the beauty of the whole hairstyle, and reflect a slightly mature charm.

 Curved even bangs:
asian hair style dye curved even bangs
curved even bangs

Korean actresses frequently has this type of bangs.  The even cut across the bangs and the curved style both accentuate the eyes, and is best for girls with an oval face.


Source: OKfaxing

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