How to chose hair color (advice from Asians)

You see someone down the street with a hair color that looks great.  You try out the same color, but it just doesn’t look right – in fact, it’s so bad to the point where even your complexion looks worse each time you see yourself.  The problem lies in the fact that you didn’t chose to dye your hair in a color that is suitable for your own skin tone.

In this post you’ll learn about which hair color is best for you.  The key is to pay attention to how your hair color complements the rest of you.

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Choosing a hair dye that is suitable for your skin tone

In general, the darker the skin tone, the darker your choice of hair dye should be.  If you have yellowish skin tone, then you should choose a warmer color.  People with pale skin can try out reddish-brown for a charming foreign look.

Reddish skin tones:

Warm colors like red or wine red  are not suitable for you.  Such colors would make your face seem even more red.  Suitable colors include dark green, dull purple, dull brown, or dark blond.

Yellowish skin tones:

Hair color that looks good with this skin tone are wine red, blue black, dull brown, as well as light olive colors.  On the other hand, blond or orange based colors are absolutely forbidden with yellow skin.

Dark skin tones:

With darker skin tones, you are more suited to dye your hair blond or light brown, or to get highlights.  Use bright colors as much as possible.  For best effect, add on additional highlights.  Note that the optimum highlight coloring should be light brown.

Hair color should complement your whole outfit

When you tend to wear bright colored outfits and makeup but have dark, somber colored hair, something seems off.   To corroborate a fashion ensemble, hair color should be dyed to a warm color to provide balance.

The color of your makeup should be be from a series of white or light skin tones to bring out a sense of depth.  The bangs and corners of your hair will directly affect the contrast of your makeup, giving the entire head area a soft feeling.

Choosing a hair color that’s best for your hair texture

Thin, dry or permed hair are easier to color, thus you should chose a color that is slightly darker than the desired result.  On the other hand, thick black hair is slow to absorb color, so you should chose a color that is lighter than the desired result.

Hair that’s dry or damaged should be dyed with black or dark brown color.  This way, the hair looks dark and shiny.  If you are dying dark colored hair to a lighter color, then you’ll have even more choices.

Choosing a color that matches your hair style.

Long hair should be dyed to a color that’s more conservative.  The best would be brown with highlights.  Short hair and stylish hair cuts can try for light or dark gold colors.

Dyed hair looks great with bangs.  For hair styles that are meant to express the feeling of layers, the hair color should also be light, because black or dark brown is part of the color family that does not reflect a lot of light, and can’t express the glossiness of your hair.  Without dyeing your hair, the feathered hair style would only show the contour and outline of your hair, and would not express inner layers well.

Choosing a hair color that matches your personality

People who are introverted and gentle tends to choose a brown that’s close to their original hair color.  On the other hand, girls who has an active and open personality can bravely try out very different colors (reddish-blond and blond colors for Asians).

Small reminder:

If you really can’t decide what color you want, or if it’s your first time dyeing your hair, you can try colors that are a bit more conservative.  Furthermore, definitely don’t forget to test for allergies before dyeing your hair!  Also, to prevent your face from being colored at the same time as your hair, it’s best to use some oily facial products at the edge of your hairline.

Supplemental:  care and nourishment of your hair after dyeing

Daily maintenance is especially important after dyeing your hair.  You should limit the use of curling irons, and choose appropriate shampoo and conditioners such as those that are specific for dyed hair.  Then there’s the important issue of re-dyeing your hair.  You can choose the same color as last time or chose a darker or similar color.  However, definitely don’t pick a color lighter than the last dye because lighter colors can’t cover up darker colors, and your hair will probably turn out blotchy.

With diligent care, you can maintain the stability of the pigment and delay fading.  Also, you must remember:  when re-dying your hair, you definitely don’t want to just dye your roots.  Re-dyeing should be done by starting at the roots, then wait awhile before applying hair dye to the rest of your hair.  That way your hair will obtain a more natural coloring.

source: 女人就要靓

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  1. Ugh. I’m Chinese and the only hair color that goes well with my skin is BLACK.

    Not brown or reddish or what the fuck. Looks ridiculous.

    Pure, glossy, jet black. Same for girls. Quit self-hating.

    1. My hair is black as well, all original color : ).
      Here in Vancouver, Chinese people like us are actually in the minority. Most girls out here and even a significant number of guys all dye their hair. I guess it’s fun and it does change your look in a dramatic way. And depending on people’s personality, certain colors match certain people.

      When I was younger, when I got my hair cut in Toronto or Shanghai, I’d end up getting my hair highlighted. It’d be fun for a while, but then it also damaged my hair. I always have very long glossy hair, so I personally prefer to not damage my hair by coloring it. Also, when I was going for a career in consulting, having colored hair is not an option as it was unprofessional. But for when you are young and don’t have to care about what people think about you, hair coloring is pretty fun.

  2. My skin is brown somewhat like a yellow too.. and i want to change my appearance but afraid the haircut/colour will goes wrong.. BTW my hair is Long and Black (round face).. what kind of haircut getup and colouring that suitable for me…

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