Creative solutions to the Diablo 3 ban in China

Diablo III: Standard Edition
Diablo 3: not so easy to play in China

I’ve been a long time fan of Diablo, and have anxiously awaited the release of Diablo 3. Since I had recently moved, I had originally planed to buy the game after I settle down again – but instead, I bought the game last week and installed it on my 15in macbook pro.

Diablo 3 works surprisingly well on my macbook (with all the settings set to low), and it is just as addicting as the others.  In fact, when my friend came up to visit me during the memorial day weekend, she got hooked on Diablo 3 and played on my laptop every chance she got.  Thanks to her, I got tons of loot (Thank you!), as well as news of the poor gamers in China that has to be interestingly creative to get at the game.

Yes, you can’t officially play Diablo in China before China’s Ministry of Culture reviews the game, which could take months.  But like always, bans like this has no meaning because in China, if you really want it, there’s pretty much always a way to get it.  All you have to do is buy the game key on the e-commerce site TaoBao Market by searching for Diablo’s alternative name: the “Big Pinapple 3“.

Diablo has been referred to as the big pinapple since the first game came out, the reason being it being pronounced similarly in mandarin as “da bo luo”. But since it’s not the official name, and since it’s hard to go around banning a fruit, people in China can play Diablo just fine, albeit paying a higher price for the CD key at $80-90 from third party venders.

But what about the fact that Diablo3 is an online only game?  I hear a lot of Chinese players are on the Korean server.  Which I hear made some Koreans angry.  But I’m going to assume that is not the main reason why many Korean gamers are demanding a refund from Blizzard, only to be turned away.

Source: PCWorld and Forbes

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  1. is made from fail.Bought gold and they stated it would take 15mins.It has been 10 days now still no sign of my gold.DO NOT trust these peopleWhen you ask for a refund, they say “we need the manager to do that”trust me the “manager” IS NEVER THERE.

    1. If you still want to write the post feel free to quote from my blog and link back 🙂

  2. While there’s been no word whether actual personal information has been stolen, Nexon nevertheless urged these 13+ million subscribers to change their passwords. The company has contacted the police to ask for a formal investigation.

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